Best Rated Online Reputation Management Software

Online reputation management is quite the thing for most businesses because of the benefits that it affords them. Most businesses do not have the technical expertise to implement the reputation management operations themselves.

 So they contract reputation management experts who use specific tools or software to manage their client’s online reputation. There are tons of reputation management software out there, but we will look at some of the top-rated reputation software in the market.


The Checkkit review management platform easily integrates with Google, Facebook, and several other review platforms. That allows users to centralize review management.

Chekkit integrates with Google, Facebook, and other industry-specific review platforms to streamline all reputation management activities. Some of the features you can find in this solution include templates, notifications, and an app for direct messaging with customers.

The software is one of the more popular solutions that top online reputation specialists use. It is essentially an all-in-one reputation management solution that helps businesses to increase their rankings in local searches, boost star ratings, and stream positive reviews on a per-location basis. It comes with a patented reputation score that provides insights into the status of the user’s reputation. It is built to scale, though, so it is best suited for large companies.


Brand24 has in-depth media monitoring and cloud-based marketing solutions that allow businesses to stay informed about what their competition is up to. It is excellent for both large, medium-sized, and small enterprises, and it can turn your business reputation around overnight. Some of the software’s features include content discovery and distribution, sentiment analysis, keyword tracking, and competitor comparison capabilities. Some of the best public relations firms online prefer Brand24 because of the benefits it offers.


Podium comes with a unified dashboard that synchronizes communication across Google, Facebook Messenger, and text messaging platforms. This increases response time and improves your reputation with your customers in itself. The Podium software also makes it easy to generate good reviews by getting your teams to request reviews from clients who are in a good mood. Users also get a business number through which customers can text you for assistance.

Some of the features that come with the Podium software include web chat, team messaging, SMS marketing campaigns, and text-based payment collection.


With Mention, users get notifications of posts that are made about their business across multiple social media platforms made about their companies. So, in essence, users can easily monitor proper hashtags, influencers, and images on a dashboard.

Some of the features available on Mention are identification of conversation trends, filter results, re-publish user content, identify influencers and important hashtags, and set up custom Mention notifications across platforms.

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