Social Media For Law Firms

Like any business, there a lot that social media marketing can do for your law firm. At Social Spice Media, we offer assistance with social media for law firms to reach their target audience. Call us for further details.

Website design tips for law firms

Your website plays a major role in finding new clients and growing revenue. Here are some tips on website design for your law firm:

  • Choose a simple yet fresh design – Designing your website with an off-the-shelf design can fail to create a lasting impression on your visitors. Make sure to design a page that is engaging, unique, and airy. 
  • Display your attorney profiles – When a user visits your website, the two things that they want to know are the services you offer and your attorney profiles. Highlight the experience and areas of specialty of your attorneys to the viewer.
  • Pick a good host – Graphically crammed websites suffer from slow load times and can affect your conversions. Make sure that your website has a simple design and an excellent hosting company. Opt for the most popular hosting company with a lot of positive reviews.

Contact us for help with social media for law firms. We also offer web design and development services, along with social media marketing.

What are the most effective social media platforms for a law firm?

Channelizing efforts towards social media marketing has never been more important. Lawyers report that more than 30% of their clients come for inquiries after knowing about their services on social media. Some of the most effective social media platforms for law firms include LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

LinkedIn acts as a portfolio for lawyers to showcase their expertise, areas of specialization, and experience to their potential clients. LinkedIn offers the perfect platform for attorneys to share engaging and relevant information with their prospective clients. Facebook continues to be a widely used social media and offers several ways in which attorneys can connect with their current and prospective clients. Facebook allows you to write blogs, post video contents, start polls, and communicate with your followers.

Twitter is famous for client conversation and networking. With twitter, you can position your firm as an authoritative information provider among your target audience. Social media marketing requires a carefully planned strategy to be productive and fruitful. Get in touch with us today for affordable social media marketing services.

How do you market a law firm?

Digital marketing can do so much for a law firm. It is highly effective in reaching out to a broader audience at an affordable price range. Appealing web design and an active social media presence not only draw new leads to your business but plays a significant role in improving your brand image and publicity.

At Social Spice Media, as a part of the SMM services, we post creative and dynamic content regularly on your behalf. We do so to encourage user/follower interactions and promote your services. Our strategic marketing in social media for law firms promises propitious results in a short period. Call us for details.